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In Celebration of Regeneration

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In Celebration of Regeneration

It used to be that, here in New Mexico, the approach of autumn was signaled by the smell of green chile roasting in on the sidewalks and storefronts from the valley to the heights.  The last few years a change has been unleashed. In early August, before the sounds of back-to-school traffic are highlighted by the crackle of green chile skin, we now know the impending end of summer is near by the deluge of pumpkin spice everything filling the nooks and crannies of our daily routines like pumpkin butter spread on an english muffin. Autumn is nearly upon us.

At Soilutions we embrace the changes. We are starting our autumn with a renewed look for our website, a new box truck for our commercial compost pick-ups, and a new line of environmentally friendly coco coir based soils.

For those of us in the compost business, autumn is the season of regeneration. The leaves will start to fall and decompose in autumns dampest hours, and as they do they bring with them new life and a promise for a healthy and productive soil and then a spring crop rising from the doldrums of winter like a plant shaped phoenix.

But we live in New Mexico, we are in the land of mañana where tomorrow will probably be sunny and warm. So plant a winter garden, celebrate that autumn for us doesn’t bring the end of the growing season but the beginning of a new one.

Take a look around the new website, re-read some of our old blogs, then come by the site to see what’s new and pick up some compost for that fall garden you’ve been thinking about.  And thank you for being a part of the soilution!

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