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Food Waste Management

Completing the Local Food Cycle

Soilutions’ Food Waste Management division provides economical and efficient organic waste collection services for food service and processing facilities in central New Mexico.  We take the food that would ordinarily go to the landfill and produce methane – a potent greenhouse gas – and turn it into compost for our local farmers and gardeners.  It’s a simple, yet powerful, step that we can take together to make our world a better place. 

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Experience Matters

Soilutions’ Food Waste Management division pioneered commercial scale food waste recycling in New Mexico.  In operation since 2007, we have a proven track record for this service.  Our knowledgeable staff will help you determine what kind of package will best manage the volume of food waste that your business produces.  We pride ourselves in being flexible and responsive to your needs – our goal is to make your organics recycling experience as pleasant and affodable as possible.