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Our Desert Home

Published by Walter Dods on

Our Desert Home

Sunrise_6Below is a portion of a conversation currently occurring in our office circles. For someone who struggles almost daily to inject a small bit of beauty into my life, I found the truth, the passion, and the elegance of this to be inspiring.

“The desert is beautiful, Paraíso sin agua.

It’s our home, yeah? What have we done to it? Why?


The way we treat our home, you’d think we hate it. We let wind blow it away.

We run it over, pave it, let the rain cut it to pieces, toss junk in it.

We build things here like we don’t know where we are.


It matters how we do things here. It’s like no place else on earth.

Put a house in the wrong place, the desert will eat it. You will pay.

Put a road in wrong place, it will cost you an incredible amount of money.

It’s not forgiving of our greed, our wayward desires.

Walk into in your street clothes and see if it forgives you.


You’ll hear about lots of emergencies, the economy, aliens, the government,

terrorists; emergencies are how we talk to one another now.


You can’t stop the aliens or the terrorists yourself, the government is out

of control, and what are you going to do about the economy?


There is one thing you can do right now. You can take a shovel and a rake

and do something meaningful in half an hour that will last for lifetimes.

You can help put this place back in order.


You can heal it. You can put the rain and the wind where they belong. You

can treat this place like home, and it will love you for it.


We are the sand whisperers. You are too.


We love this place, we know it well. We care where the rain goes, how the

land moves and why. We’ve put decades into understanding how all this works,

and every day we live for it. It’s who we are. It’s why we are here.


Call for help, we’ll come.”


One more reason to love the place I work.


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