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What's Happening at Soilutions?

We’re grinding!  If you visit our facility in the next few weeks expect a little extra chaos as we try to grind down the HUGE amount of green waste Albuquerque has brought us this spring and summer. 

At Soilutions, Inc. we have remained diligent in monitoring the state Covid-19 response. Under guidelines issued today, March 23, by Gov. Lujan-Grisham and the New Mexico Department of Health we WILL remain open and operating to serve the needs of New Mexico as we all work through this emergency together. 

We know many of our customers have concerns about social distancing and ensuring proper health and safety practices.  We have taken steps to limit our customer interaction and maintain social distancing guidelines.  We are limiting customers in our office to 1 at a time, sanitizing after each payment is processed, and offering sanitizer to all customers.  Further, we are offering our customers the option of calling from your vehicle to place an order and pay.  You can come down to the site, have your compost or soil loaded and never leave your vehicle.

Our recycling collection will continue uninterrupted, and we are taking the necessary precautions to safely handle all of the carts we collect from our valued community partners and replace them with freshly sanitized collections carts. 

This is first and foremost a public health emergency and we will conduct business with our customers safety as our top priority. Please support local restaurants, sign up for a CSA from a local farm, and continue to ensure that our local food economy remains a key element of New Mexico tradition.

We appreciate our customers, and we consider the work we do to be a vital community and environmental resource.  Together we can work towards healthy soil in every yard, healthy food on every plate, and a healthy New Mexico, even in a time of crisis. 

About Us

Soilutions was conceived during long hours spent observing nature shape the high desert landscape.  Based on the lessons learned from these studies and bolstered by years of studying permaculture, Jim and Karen Brooks formed Soilutions in 1996 to design and implement permaculture landscapes.

Healthy landscapes start with healthy soil, so Soilutions started making compost and mulches.  Making these products necessitates recycling greenwaste, and the Soilutions Compost Facility has evolved into the most respected diverter of organic material from the landfill in New Mexico.  This led us to the next frontier – recycling foodwaste, which continues to evolve as Food Waste Management.  Over the course of 27 years, Jim and Karen have learned a lot and grown a little older, and landscape installation work has grown into the consulting practice, Adaptive Terrain Systems, which specializes in erosion control and stormwater management.

Soilutions Compost Facility has been making our Premium Compost® in New Mexico since 1996.  We gather and compost select organic feed stocks and provide compost, mulch, and related products to nurseries, landscapers, farmers, gardeners, and other stewards of the soil.  We provide high quality products and the education and expertise to use them. We hope to enable people to restore the vitality of the soil, maximize the potential of water and live in partnership with natural processes.  By establishing the Soilutions Compost Division, we are able to offer locally produced compost; “Made in the Southwest for the Southwest”.

Throughout it all, we have applied permaculture ideas in many ways.  Our relationships are characterized by trust and integrity with employees and customers, responsibility in our community, and stewardship of the earth.


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