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How It Works

  • We meet to assess your business’ waste stream and suggest the service tier best suited to your needs.
  • We help train your staff to separate your waste at the source, keeping contaminants out of the food waste.
  • We rent wheeled and lidded 64 gallon carts, just like residential waste collection carts, for collecting food waste at your facility.  The number of carts issued may vary until a consistent volume is established.
  • We exchange your full carts for empty ones on a schedule you set.  Whether access is curb side or commercial loading dock, collection container exchange is efficiently executed by our staff.

  • We haul your food waste to the Soilutions Compost Facility to be recycled into compost products.
  • We can provide feedback to ensure the continued success of your program.  We will help identify areas for improvement and reinforce staff training.

  • We provide you with monthly data that you can use to brag about your business’ commitment to environmental responsibility.

If you think that your waste stream warrants a larger sized container than what we offer, give us a call and we will help you set up a program that meets your needs.

Fee Schedule

Food Waste Management service fees are based on the number of carts you lease from us and the number of times per month we exchange full carts for empty ones. We are happy to work with you to help you to determine the package best suited to your needs.

Effective 2/15/19

TierCarts Cart Exchange Fee (billed monthly)
11-3 $50 per visit
24-6 $80 per visit
37-12 $125 per visit
413-18 $180 per visit

Cart Rental Fee:  $4.50 per cart per month

Additional charges may be applied for excess contamination and/or collection carts that have been lost or damaged.