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Mulch is an important element in any garden or landscape. Organic mulches are never just ornamental; they reduce evaporation from the soil surface while moderating the soil temperature in summer and winter. They trap blowing sand and dust. They stabilize slopes, berms, disturbed soil and bare soil, thus reducing wind and water erosion. Organic mulches suppress weed growth and as they decompose, they recycle plant nutrients and amend the soil. This in turn provides a habitat for beneficial soil organisms. On top of all this, applying mulch around the perimeter of your home can reduce your utility use because it helps reduce water evaporation, deflects heat in the summer and insulates the ground in the winter. Soilutions, Inc. makes and sells mulch utilizing recycled organic materials and reconstructing them for specific needs. While any organic mulch is helpful, consult with us to make sure you are getting the right material to highlight and benefit your project.

Forest Floor

$38 Cubic Yard

Our most popular mulch incorporates a small amount of compost making it perfect for garden beds and potted plants

Native Mulch

$35 Cubic Yard

Shredded and ground native flora combine to lock together for mulching slopes, windy plains and heavy traffic areas.

Black & Tan

$41 Cubic Yard

Wood Mulch and composted woody materials make this mulch both decorative and practical.  Perfect for planted pathways and patios. 

Wood Mulch

$38 Cubic Yard

For those looking or a clean, manicured landscape. A byproduct of environmentally responsible logging, the wood is chipped flat and perfect for walkways. 1/4 inch to 2 inch.

Playground Mulch

$42 Cubic Yard

PlaySoft brand, IPEMA cerified to conform to ASTM standards for engineered wood fibers- that means it’s soft enough for your childrens playground as well as dog-runs and walkways.

Pecan Shells

$51 Cubic Yard

Red pecan shell pieces direct from southern New Mexico. A perfect alternative to gravel in xeriscape designs. 1 inch to fines.

Screened Mulch

Temporarily Unavailable. Check back soon.

Made from nearly uniform composted woody materials, our screened mulch is perfect for large areas and perimeters. This mulch is made from what is screened out of our compost piles and will contain contaminates such as plastic flatware and other bits of plastic. We recommend you come by the site to look at it before placing an order.