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Coco Coir & Potting Soil

Soilutions, Inc. is proud to be New Mexico’s sole provider of bulk coco coir and locally made coco coir potting soils. Wait…what is coco coir? We’re glad you asked.  Coco Coir is the inner pith of the coconut husk. Coco coir has long been a preferred medium for succulent nurseries and hydroponic growers but is fast becoming a staple of potting soils for all types of growing.  Coco coir is perfect for New Mexico’s arid environment as it retains up to 8 times its weight in water while maintaining extreme porosity so roots can thrive.  Aside from these qualities, we also decided to add coco coir to our existing line of products because it is a 100% renewable resource.  For more information check out our blog on coco coir.

Our compressed coco coir blocks are unwrapped and non-uniform, but they weigh approximately 11 lbs. and expand to about 2.5 cubic feet.

$8 each

Just Coir

We offer just coco coir fully expanded and in compressed blocks. “Naked” coco coir is for growers who have very specific nutritional feeding schedules or for those who enjoy building their own proprietary potting soils.  Our coco coir is OMRI listed, triple washed at the production facility, and we wash the expanded coir again to ensure your plants will not get clogged up with excess salts and a high EC.  Our naked coir products are not buffered, but we can buffer the expanded coir for an additional charge. Unfortunately we cannot buffer the compressed blocks. 

Fully expanded coir takes the mess and time out of doing it yourself. Perfect for large grow operations with little equipment or space.

$150 cubic yard

Vulcan Succulent and Cactus Mix is the perfect blend for bringing the desert indoors. Red Cinder, Pumice, and just a touch of Coco Coir and compost provide the perfect environment for water storing plants to thrive.

$110 cubic yard /  $5 1 gallon bag

El Dorado is designed for the grower who desires full control in their growing quest. The perfect blend of coco coir and pumice provides a neutral space for full control of a plants entire life cycle. Also great as  soil amendment in raised beds that have an established soil ecosystem.

$132 cubic yard

Enchantment potting soil provides the foundation for a living soil in a container setting. A 50/50 blend of our nutrient dense compost and coco coir, Enchantment is structurally sound while maintaining porosity to encourage root development and nutrient uptake.

$100 cubic yard

Enchantment Plus Potting soil is our highest grade offering. Designed for everyone from those with a brown thumb to those looking to take their business to the next level. Compost, coco coir, vermicompost, pumice and kelp meal synchronize to create a microbial ecosystem your plants are sure to thrive in. 

$12 1 cubic foot bag / $285 cubic yard

*Ask your favorite nursery to carry our bags*